A fantastic year for Science at the 2021 Education Awards

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Congratulations to all our staff and students who were recognised for their hard work  and contributions over the last year at the University’s annual Education Awards!


The Education Awards celebrate inspirational learning and teaching, combining the Academic Rep, Peer Support and University Teaching Awards in a one-night celebratory event.

Dean of Science, Professor Nick Brook said: “Congratulations to all those who were nominated as well as those that were commended and our winners. These awards are a clear recognition of the outstanding contributions that have been made to teaching and student well-being. To see these achievements recognised following such a challenging year makes them even more remarkable.”

Staff and students from our Faculty received awards in eight of the 16 categories.


The winners...

Undergraduate Academic Rep of the Year - Kirsty Carotti (Computer Science)

Kirsty first stepped into the role in 2017 and has proven just how much can be achieved by academic reps. She’s worked hard to improve the student experience and address issues such as workload and remote learning.

“I’m so proud of all the Academic Reps this year who have worked tirelessly for their peers and the SU for all the positive work they have done!”

Special thanks also went to Anna Davitt (Computer Science) for her work on disability.


Peer Support Team of the Year - Luke Cummins, Sergios Gavriilidis and Lauren Taylor (Computer Science)

"All three Lead Peer Mentors were brilliant and made a huge difference to the year one cohort."


Support staff of the Year - Zoe Graham (Computer Science)

Zoe has gone above and beyond in her role. She’s worked hard to bring students together in the last year and has started a monthly feedback session with Director of Studies’ to give students the opportunity to informally discuss any issues they have.

“Working with the brilliant staff and students in the ART- AI CDT is a joy, and I’m so pleased I’ve managed to make a difference through my work.”


Personal Tutor of the YearDr Neil Brown (Biology & Biochemistry)

Neil is highly regarded by his students. He has gone out of his way to ensure students are confident in the work they are producing and is available to help with any concerns or worries.

“I would like to thank my tutees for the nomination, it is your participation and enthusiasm that makes our tutorials informative and fun. I really enjoy seeing you develop and helping you achieve your goals.”


Mary Tasker Award - Dr Sarah Bailey, Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Sarah has been dedicated to the enhancement of the student learning experience. She has adapted to the Bath Blend by incorporating a range of approaches into her teaching to facilitate interactive learning and provide students with digital engagement skills. She is highly regarded by students, has been instrumental in rewriting the Department’s curriculum, and has developed public engagement activities for students preparing for placements and future careers.

“It's great to have this recognition, particularly after the academic year we've all had, when we've all been working harder than ever to meet the challenges of engaging students remotely. It's a great end to the academic year!”


Director of Studies Award - Dr John Benardis, Computer Science

Despite only being in the role a short time, John has already received extraordinary results. There were several nominations from students who praised him for his dedication and for going above and beyond. He works hard to make sure students are heard including supporting the activities of student reps, lead peer mentors, the Women in Technology Group and Bath Computer Science Society.

“We wouldn't be able to achieve all the things we did this year as a department if we didn't have so engaged and proactive students working with us. Being approachable, understanding and empowering students to shape their experience was key this past year and will be my tenets moving forward in this role."


Leadership in Learning and Teaching Award - Professor Matthew Jones, Chemistry

Matthew has been praised for his work to ensure students have been given the opportunity to engage in as much practical chemistry as possible, within the new social distancing constraints. He has contributed to discussions at University and Faculty level and played a key role in shaping the debate about how we use the lessons learned over the past year as we transition to a post-pandemic world.

“The last 18 months have been really challenging and I am super excited to have won the award. Working in the Department of Chemistry is really good fun – the staff and students are amazing.”


Best Team in Support of Student Learning Award - Computer Science Director of Studies Team (Dr John Benardis, Mr Zack Lyons, Dr Marina de Vos and Dr Bhagyashree Patil)

The team is recognised for the time and support they’ve provided to students. The team’s ethos is to empower students to co-create a positive experience in a collaborative learning environment.  Described as ‘the students’ anchor’ during the pandemic, they are well known for the exceptional care they dedicate to Computer Science students who are experiencing wellbeing difficulties and, in particular, for their work with Student Services to ensure all students have an opportunity to focus on their studies.

“Building on each other's strengths, we worked as a close team to support our Computer Science community during these trying times. This would not have been possible without the support and input from our students and colleagues in the Department and Faculty."


Highly commended

  • SSLC Chair of the year – Jade Pizzato (Biology & Biochemistry) for her enthusiasm and dedication to the role and keeping students at the heart of all decision making
  • Outstanding Contribution to Peer Support – Kate Campbell for her continuous contribution to the peer support community over several years
  • Outstanding Contribution to Peer Support - Pharmacy & Pharmacology peer mentors for a fantastic job and encouraging students to keep going.
  • Peer Champion Award - Ollie Jonas (Computer Science) for his exceptional contribution to supporting fellow computer science students and being a team player throughout the difficult year


The awards ceremony was streamed live on 6 May.

Watch a recording of the awards ceremony


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