Using Moodle for double blind marking – good for students and academics?

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Last month, 15 colleagues attended this event delivered by Dr Steve Cayzer, Senior Teaching Fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The full session is available to view online; please take a look if you would like to refresh your memory or to catch up with the event.

For information on how to use Moodle for double blind marking, have a look at Steve's slides.

Background and reasons behind the the Department of Mechanical Engineering exploring the use of Moodle for double blind marking

Lessons learnt from exploring the use of Moodle for double blind marking, producing a set of requirements.Steve gave an interesting and informative talk about how to use Moodle effectively for double blind marking, discussing the options available to academic and support staff, the advantages and the problems, concluding that the rubric and criteria based methods were both useful tools.

Steve asked the audience to participate in discussing what usabilities would be useful additions to Moodle – examples of some of the suggestions are below. These suggestions have been fed back to the e-learning team:

  • Alert of high discrepancies between markers
  • Can Moodle help automate the protocol for disagreements
  • Single student upload (students enter assignments only once)
  • Direct upload to SAMIS once convenor agrees mark
  • Can only see 'your' students (ie workflow). It is clear for which students you are supervisor (1st marker) and for which you are assessor (2nd marker)
  • You can only enter 'your own' marks
  • Possible to have range of marks and place for comments.
  • Export to Excel/CSV for moderation
  • Option for students to see final/average mark (without knowing individual marks)
  • See overall mark before Moodle saves it
  • Parallel (ie 1st/2nd marker) workflows
  • Automatic allocation of second marker with notification
  • Criterion marking - comments against each criterion (in criteria based marking)

If you have any experiences which you would like to share then please leave a comment or get in touch by emailing us.

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