LITEbox event: Moodle for summative assessments to reduce marking time, minimise selective learning, and provide timely feedback

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This session has happened, view the write up with case study and tips on implementation

Large cohorts of undergraduate students can produce a great amount of marking in exam time. How would you like to reduce the time you spend marking, be able to provide timely feedback to your students, and also minimise selective learning? Dr Momna Hejmadi co-ran a TDF project investigating the use of summative multiple choice question assessments on Moodle to achieve those aims.

This LITEbox session will explore the benefits of using multiple choice questions to assist in assessing large groups of students, how assessment was made reliable, fair, and secure, and finally offer the chance to discuss any questions you may have with implementation of similar practice.

Dr Momna Hejmadi, Department of Biology & Biochemistry, has research interests which include pedagogical research into learning and teaching. She has very successfully run a similar session before, so sign up now.

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