Get Connected: The popular careers event returns to London

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A drizzly weekday evening in central London may not spark enthusiasm in many of us, but for the attendees at Get Connected there was plenty to get excited about, as they prepped their critical career questions (and their CVs!) ahead of meeting our alumni volunteers.

The Vintry played host to Bath graduates and students eager to spend some one-on-one time with top alumni reps from Facebook, HSBC, Mercer and more.

Occasionally mistaken for speed-dating by the casual observer (the candles on the appointment tables don’t help), Get Connected’s 'speed-networking' format offers attendees five-minute slots with our alumni volunteers who are happy to answer questions and offer advice and industry insights.

Following the 1:1 appointments, volunteers and guests can head into into the main bar and continue networking and getting to know like-minded colleagues in the capital.

The Alumni Events Team organise Get Connected in Bath, London and have also brought the popular careers events overseas to New York and Singapore.

Read on to discover some top tips from our alumni volunteers and their experience at Get Connected...

Top tips for career success:

  • Focus on what you are passionate about and what you're good at. That’s the key to finding a job you enjoy. (Deyo Ade-John)
  • Never lie in an interview - especially for technical questions. Be honest and say you don’t know. If you lie, the interviewer will quickly realise that. (Andrés Aponte)
  • If you pretend to be someone you are not just to fit the job criteria, that job isn’t for you. (Julius Bendikas)
  • Remember that you are not expected to know everything on day 1! (Jane Hollis)
  • Although it is tempting to join a small entrepreneurial start-up company, I recommend starting one’s career in a large blue-chip company where the training is high quality, and where there are numerous opportunities to experience different roles. (William Fage)
  • Find out about the company’s culture - what is it doing to make a positive and lasting difference to the communities in which it operates? (Caroline Marsh)
  • Check if you are working to support your broader life, or if work is your life. (Phil Walker)

What is it like to volunteer at Get Connected?

"A well-paced and engaging event full of great conversations and building of professional relationships. It was great to see so many motivated people and I look forward to getting more involved in Bath alumni activities."
Julius Bendikas (BSc Economics 2016), Senior Investment Analyst at Mercer

 “I was pleased to meet some alumni who had given some thought to what they might want from the ‘mentors' and I would encourage others to use this resource.”
- Philip Walker (MBA Executive 1989), Psychotherapist/Management Consultant

“A really fun and well-attended event - I was delighted to participate and share my experience. I was very impressed by the ambition and enthusiasm of attendees.”
William Fage (BSc Economics 1998), Partner at Drax Executive

“The strong links to industry that the University has cultivated for its students through the various placement programmes and events like this are what makes a Bath student stand out to future employers. It was one of the main reasons I chose the BBA course, which proved to be of immense value to me when I started out on my career”
- Jane Hollis (BSc Business Administration 2002), Interim Head of Group Strategy at HSBC

To find out more about Get Connected or register as a volunteer, please get in touch.

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