Choosing accommodation: Westwood Quarry

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Westwood Quarry
Westwood Quarry
Key features:
  • a horizontal block of single rooms (about 20- very good way to meet new people on your first day!)
  • Each room has its own sink, bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, a whiteboard and pin-board, and desk
  • Shared bathrooms
  • 3 communal kitchens with ovens, fridges, freezers, toasters and kettles
Choosing your accommodation is a hard choice. You will be expected to rank the accommodation choices in terms of your preferences. I would definitely recommend thinking hard about this choice because you could be allocated ANY of them, even if it was the last option on your list. I was lucky enough to be allocated one of my top choices, but I know of others who were allocated their 8/9th choices.
The corridors of Quarry- there are rooms to the left and right, and the orange door on the right is the kitchen.
Moving into accommodation is a challenge as you will need to get used to being away from home, being surrounded by flat mates 24/7 and using communal spaces. If you are someone who prefers personal privacy, you may like to look at places specifically with en suite bathrooms. Some accommodation choices even offer personal kitchens. Everyone will feel differently about what they are comfortable with, so don’t base your decision on what your friends are doing - you can always go and see them!
Walks on the golf course!
Another thing to consider is where on campus you are. For example, as a business student, Westwood is super close to the business management department- this is especially important if you are not a morning person like me and can’t get up in time for lectures!
Another big influence in my decision making was pricing. There is a huge variation in how expensive the different choices are, and so you need to think about what you can afford. The cheapest options include Norwood, Westwood and Eastwood, and the most expensive include places like Polden. When applying for a place, you will be given a weekly breakdown of the prices, and then you can also view the pricing in terms of payments. You need to consider what you can budget for, and how it may affect your weekly spending etc.
The kitchen is a great social space to chill out with friends over some food and drinks!
Westwood has been a very fun, social accommodation and it is definitely a very good choice for those on a budget. The corridor layout helps us all stay involved and friendly with one another, and the communal kitchens are a great way to catch up with friends!

Posted in: Accommodation, Undergraduate

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