Research by Chrysoula Papacharalampou, a PhD Research Student in the Sustainable Energy Research Team in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, is featured in both Water Active and the Institute of Water Journal this month. Her research currently being undertaken in collaboration with Wessex Water indicates that the water sector needs to consider the benefits provided by the natural environment in their strategic decision making. The work proposes catchment-based asset management and demonstrates how water industries can include natural assets (e.g. land, soil, ecosystems) in their portfolio.

Water Active is the UK's leading water industry monthly magazine and has the highest number of readers in the water industry. This article continues the monthly series of features by researchers in the Water Innovation and Research Centre at the University of Bath (WIRC @ Bath).

The Institute of Water Journal is published quarterly and contains articles of interest and relevance to the industry, directly targeted at those within the industry. This gives its members unparalleled opportunities to increase their knowledge about topics that are crucial to a successful future.

Read the full articles written by Chrysoula on page 14 in the September issue of Water Active and on pages 58/59 of the Institute of Water Journal.

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