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In support of the university’s Curriculum Transformation initiative, three ‘Course Review and Design’ workshops have taken place this month across the School of Management and Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering.

Attended by course development teams, Faculty Assistant Registrars, and Curriculum Development Officers, the workshops created a valuable space in which staff could take a step back to review their current taught postgraduate courses and reimagine teaching and assessment to deliver higher education for the next generation.

Facilitated and designed by the Curriculum Development team from the Centre of Learning and Teaching (CLT) to make the most efficient use of time, the highly practical, intensive workshops armed staff with a toolkit to support them on the next step of their course redesign journey.

A participant commented: “This is my first session like this, so very useful in getting more insights and specialist guidance on the curriculum transformation process.”

Staff attending the postgraduate taught early adopter workshops made real headway during the sessions to meet the outcomes required for Phase 2 and 3 of the curriculum transformation process.


Posted in: curriculum transformation


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