Special partner TweetChat event to talk about blended learning approaches

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The Centre for Learning and Teaching here at Bath and the University of Birmingham's Higher Education Futures institute (HEFi) have teamed up to host a joint lunchtime live TweetChat event on Wednesday 8th July. This Twitter-based virtual ‘gathering’ will offer colleagues from the two institutions, as well as the wider academic community, the opportunity to explore blended learning approaches in higher education. 'Blended' provision involves the ability to deliver online and in-person. At Bath, our course delivery from September 2020  will be blended, a model being favoured by many UK universities in response to the challenges posted by Covid-19.

How will the TweetChat work?

Over the course of the hour-long TweetChat, participants will be invited to respond to several questions around blended learning using the event’s unique hashtag: #BlendEdHEchat. These questions will cover a range of topics relating to blended learning, including how we can build a sense of community, to the challenges and opportunities for authentic assessment, and how best to achieve inclusive learning.

Join in the conversation

For those new to TweetChats, simply log onto Twitter and search for the hashtag #BlendEdHEchat. The event will start at 12 noon on Wednesday 8th July and will finish at around 1 pm. Join in by clicking on the ‘Latest’ tab and remember to refresh your screen regularly to ensure you do not miss out on any of the conversation. There will be an opportunity to introduce yourself before we pose the questions, starting with Q1, Q2 and so on. Respond accordingly, using A1, A2 and so on, using the hashtag #BlendEdHEchat. At the end of the event, we will sum up the main points of what we are sure will be a lively discussion!


Posted in: Blended learning, learning and teaching

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