Congratulations to our Teaching Awards 2022 winners!

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Inspirational learning and teaching was celebrated at this year's Education Awards, held on Friday 6 May 2022. The Education Awards combines the Academic Rep Awards, Peer Support Awards and University Teaching Awards in one night of celebration.  Nominees, colleagues and students from the University were invited to join in the celebrations at the Apex Hotel.

This year, large numbers of nominations were received for the University Teaching Awards,  which recognise outstanding staff achievements in learning and teaching across the University. Professor Julian Chaudhuri, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education), congratulated all nominees for their commitment to delivering exceptionally high-quality learning and teaching, and pastoral support activities.

We look forward to talking to our award winners over the coming weeks to find out more about their outstanding effort and commitment to learning and teaching, and what it means to them to win an award.


Innovation in Learning and Teaching Award

The Innovation in Learning and Teaching Award is made in recognition of a significant contribution to innovation in curriculum design, content or delivery.

Dr Nuno Reis (Department of Chemical Engineering) was congratulated for his holistic approach to the implementation of flipped teaching, which resulted in enhanced learning and student understanding of advanced topics. To quote one student, his teaching was described as “the highlight of my week”, showing his ability to inspire and motivate both students and academic staff within the department. The positive impact on both students and staff is inspiring.

"I'm humbled to have secured the 'Innovation in Learning and Teaching' Award during Education Awards 2022, recognising my sustained efforts in developing and implementing innovative approaches to learning and teaching at the University of Bath. With facilitated access to information in our digital society, there is now the opportunity to transform the operation of the classroom, where learning becomes a cooperative journey between the student and the lecturer, inspired by provocative problems, where relationships are nurtured, transferrable skills developed, and technical content transferred, essential for educating a new generation of engineers resilient, adapted to the needs of the 21st century. Being a 'full-time' parent of two children, I've realised personalities and skills are shaped by acting as a role model, where practice rather than 'words' make the skill. I’ve managed to transfer that mindset into the classroom to make teaching sessions interactive and engaging. I am grateful to all students that have spared their time sharing how some of the innovations have helped enhance their learning experience; to colleagues that have felt inspired by my teaching innovations; to the Student Union and University of Bath/CLT for voicing there is space for innovations in learning and teaching, and above all to my family for inspiring me daily." Nuno Reis

Mary Tasker Award

The Mary Tasker Award recognises excellence in teaching, particularly through the use of creative and effective approaches.

Two nominees stood out, however, as having gone above and beyond the responsibilities of their role to create an exceptional environment for both students and staff. Our joint winners are Dr Debbie Janson (Department of Mechanical Engineering) and Dr Carl Sangan (Department of Mechanical Engineering).

Dr Debbie Janson (Department of Mechanical Engineering), has been described as a "unique combination of energy, drive, empathy and passion, combined with outstanding teaching skills". Dr Janson is known for her unfailing dedication to the enhancement of the student learning experience. In adapting and transforming units, she has incorporated a range of approaches into her research-based teaching to facilitate interactive learning and provide students with digital engagement skills. Consistently high feedback demonstrates the effectiveness of these approaches and the high regard in which she is held by students.

Dr Carl Sangan, (Department of Mechanical Engineering) is the second of our winners, Dr Sangan is a fantastically engaging lecturer praised and respected by both students and staff where his "passion shines through". Having a strong teaching and research record of success and he is currently the chair of the Department Research Committee. Dr Sangan took over a poorly performing unit and made it very much his own achieving the highest satisfaction score of 60 units taught in Mechanical Engineering.

“I am so thrilled (and genuinely shocked) to win this award. I am passionate about the student experience and always look to improve wherever possible. I’m so grateful to work with an amazing team of people – I’m lucky to work with fun but hard-working teaching team, spanning both the Faculty of Engineering and School of Management – we form a special family that our students and alumni are part of. I also want to thank everyone we work with from across Professional Services. Without them, we really couldn’t do what we do!” Debbie Janson


John Willis Award

The John Willis Award recognises dedication to the academic and personal lives of students combined with a significant contribution to teaching and accomplishment in research.

Dr Alexander Lunt (Department of Mechanical Engineering) is this year's winner of the John Willis Award. Dr Lunt has seen exceptional progress and achieved so much while being at Bath in both teaching and research. In his role as EIP coordinator, he is responsible for the pastoral care of industrial placed students each year. From statements received from students, it shows he goes above and beyond to support and provide excellent pastoral care. Dr Lunt has produced numerous high-quality publications and is the epicentre of new and exciting research within his department. His teaching is exemplary in the classroom and in his initiates. In particular, Dr Lunt should be praised among other things for his role in leading the production of PPE production during the pandemic, gaining high-visibility recognition, this work was unprecedented for someone who had just finished probation, demonstrating outstanding achievement.

“I would like to extend my thanks to my students for nominating me for the John Willis Award. The past few years have been extremely challenging for everyone, so effective pastoral care has become increasingly important for both undergraduates and postgraduate students. I’d also like to thank the senior management and my colleagues for their continual support of my research. Bath is a very special place to work, and it is the community drive to accomplish and support each other which I feel is the key to success.” Alexander Lunt

Director of Studies Award

The Director of Studies Award recognises the important role played by Directors of Studies in supporting learning and teaching, and their positive impact on the student experience. We received many strong nominations for this Award.

Dr Adam Brazil, (Department for Health), has been a Director of Studies for a relatively short time but already has achieved extraordinary results. Dr Brazil's students praised him for his dedication and constant willingness to support them by being proactive and calm in his manner. Having driven the grand challenges element in a transformed curriculum he has demonstrated a broader commitment to the student experience. He is an exemplary DoS whose practical and applied approach to teaching and student development inspires and instils confidence in everyone he works with encouraging as well as supporting the innovation of colleagues and, through his complementary role as a Department Digital Learning Champion.

“I am extremely humbled to receive this award and read some of the staff and student comments in support of my nomination. I’m fortunate to work with such a supportive Department and would like to thank all staff and students for helping me navigate my first DoS year! For me this award represents a successful attempt to connect with our students and start to build a successful partnership, through which I am excited to continue to help students feel confident in their learning and ability to succeed beyond the classroom." Adam Brazil


Best Team Award in Support of Student Learning

The Best Team in Support of Student Learning Award recognises exceptional or innovative teamwork in the delivery of learning and teaching.

This year, two teams stood out as having made an exceptional contribution. Our winners are: ITM / EBM Team (Department of Mechanical Engineering and School of Management) and Advanced Programmes in Pharmaceutical Practice and Therapeutics (AP3T) (Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology)


ITM / EBM (Steve Cayzer, Vaggelis Giannikas, Debbie Jason, Peter Mott, Sarah Peel) is to be congratulated for the time, dedication and support they have given to students, the team worked together to deliver a holistic and integrated educational experience for students, which enhanced their experience and fostered a deep sense of community amongst both students and staff. Dedicated to delivering a learner-centred experience, where students are able to apply theory in context, respond meaningfully to feedback, harness their problem-solving skills and develop sustainable solutions to real-world challenges, the team is an exemplar of good practice and evidence of utilising a team-based approach to ensure high-quality learning and teaching experience.

Advanced Programmes in Pharmaceutical Practice and Therapeutics (AP3T) (Verity Ayles, Joanne Clarke, Clare Hughes, Sarah Jones, Jessica Lloyd, Dr Rosemary Marshall, Greg O’Kane, Sally-Ann Prater, Kerry Street, Emma Taylor, Terri Turner, Di Pullin, Liz Morris, Amanda Lester and Rachael Kennedy) The AP3T Team due to the covid pandemic had an immediate and urgent need to adapt not just in learning delivery but also accommodating challenges experienced by pharmacist postgraduate students who are at the frontline of healthcare delivery; furthermore, most of the team themselves work part-time in the NHS. They met the high-quality standards that are required from regular contract reviews with Health Education England and also secured further additional new contracts and resources. During the unprecedented change, this team responded remarkably, beyond expectation, to ensure the student experience was enhanced.


“We strongly believe in the value of teamwork which is embedded in the culture, content, and assessment of our programmes. As a team, we wish to lead by lead by example and so we are delighted to receive this award that recognises the value of multidisciplinary, cross-departmental work at the university. We also recognise that we are only a small part of the larger team that delivers these programmes" The ITM/EBM team

Leadership in Learning and Teaching Award

Dr Steve Cayzer, (Department of Mechanical Engineering), is awarded the Leadership in Learning and Teaching Award. Dr Cayzer's commitment to both teaching and dissemination of good practice is recognised and inspiring across the University. Over the course of the past year, he has worked tirelessly leading several projects such as Climate Literacy, offering training across the university and now attracting interest from other Universities. He leads a community of practice around Team-Based Learning and gives regular seminars on his teaching methods. He is an outstanding teacher, dedicated innovator and most valued colleague.

"I am honoured to have been awarded the Leadership in Learning and Teaching Award. By its nature, this award builds on the inspiration and enthusiasm of numerous colleagues whether academics, professional staff or students. I am very proud of what we have been able to achieve together -  innovative teaching methods, cross-disciplinary programmes, a sector leading climate literacy induction and much else besides. Thank you all." Steve Cayzer


Our Highly Commended nominees

This year, several nominees were awarded Highly Commended by the Awards Committee: Ian Fairholm, Department of Psychology (Mary Tasker and Director of Studies Award); Dr Shaun Williams, Department for Health) (Director of Studies Award); Dr Polly McGuigan, Department for Health (John Willis Award); Dr Christopher Pudney, Department of Biology and Biochemistry (John Willis Award); Dr Andrew Avent, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Innovation in Learning & Teaching); Dr Alexander Lunt, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Innovation in Learning & Teaching).

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