Group work, marking criteria, and feedback for large cohorts: Student Champions perspective

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Every month, the Students' Union representatives from various disciplines and study levels come together for an Academic Council meeting to discuss their experiences at the University of Bath. In two concurrent meetings, we (the CLT as Assessment and Feedback Champions) were invited to share our work and to gain feedback from the Student Union representatives. In this blog, we will provide you with a glimpse into the insightful discussions that took place during the meeting.

The May 2023 Academic Council meeting was a platform for engaging discussions centred around three critical themes: group work, marking criteria, and feedback for large cohorts. With these themes in mind, a diverse group of participants brought their perspectives and experiences to the table, making the session highly enriching and thought-provoking.


Table 1: One of the primary objectives of the discussion was to explore ways to enhance group work experiences. Participants shared their thoughts on the challenges faced while collaborating with peers on various projects and assignments. Strategies for fostering effective teamwork, improving communication, and resolving conflicts within groups were discussed.


Table 2: The second focus of the Academic Council meeting was to scrutinise existing marking criteria. Participants critically evaluated the fairness, clarity, and consistency of assessment criteria across different courses. Valuable suggestions were put forth for adapting marking criteria to provide students with transparent and constructive feedback.


Table 3: With an increasing number of students, providing timely and meaningful feedback for large cohorts has become a significant concern. Ideas such as utilising technology to streamline the feedback process, implementing peer-assisted feedback, and creating personalised feedback mechanisms were explored.

These suggestions could be supportive in developing strategies to deliver effective feedback and support the learning journey of all students, irrespective of cohort size.

Blog written by Harshita Gupta, Student Assessment and Feedback Champion, CLT

Posted in: assessment, learning and teaching, teamwork


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