The Committee

Learn more about the Kaleidoscope committee below!

Sophie - Chair

I’m Sophie (she/her), lesbian, and I work in the Culture and Inclusion team within HR, up in Wessex House. I’m passionate about developing positive, supportive LGBT+ communities and enjoying cider on a sunny afternoon.

I also love rock n roll, dancing, feminism, and eating cake!

Judith - Staff Events Officer

Hi, I’m Judith and I work as a Senior Technician in Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE). I am bi and have other family connections with the LGBT+ community. I feel it is very important for people to be able to be themselves, without prejudice or special treatment regardless of gender identity or sexuality.

In my spare time I like to relax and watch films or read. I am also studying for an NVQ which takes up some time.

Campaigns Officer - vacant


Todd - Diversity and Inclusivity Officer

Hello there! I'm Todd I go by (he/they) pronouns and I'm Queer. Recently, I joined the University of Bath in October 2022 working within the accommodation sector. Even though I'm relatively new to the role I'm so excited to join Kaleidoscope and to help create events and or ideas across the University. That can include everyone's identities and sexualities, creating a safe environment for all. If you have any questions about LGBTQ+ history please come talk to me, I love a history chat!

My hobbies include gaming, researching, and discussing history, from Romans to Golden Age Piracy. I love also getting involved in anything LGBTQ+ related in and outside of work.

Will - PGR Rep

I’m Will (They/He), I am a trans, queer, PhD student in Physics going into my third year of study here at Bath. I feel strongly about creating community and acceptance for LGBTQ+ people in all walks of life so I am looking forward at getting to use this position to hopefully help create that space for PGRs across the university.

I enjoy many things, if it’s a craft, I have likely attempted it or desperately want to! Although I mostly knit funky jumpers which I am sure you’ll see me in! I also enjoy playing a variety of games (video, board and TTRPGs) and always up for chatting to people about whatever their favourite hobbies are.


Alison - Staff Events Officer (on parental leave)

Hi everyone, I’m Alison, Internal Communications Officer, and I consider myself pansexual. I joined the University in December 2019 and am keen to get involved in Kaleidoscope to help foster a supportive, fun community through inclusive virtual and face to face events.

I’m a passionate cook, open-minded vegan, festival goer, book lover, podcast enthusiast, Scrabble champion and Aperol Spritz obsessive.