The Committee

Learn more about the Kaleidoscope committee below!

Sophie - Co-Chair and Bi Representative

I’m Sophie, bi, 32 and I work in the Communications Department up in Wessex House. I’m passionate about developing positive, supportive LGBT+ communities and enjoying cider on a sunny afternoon.

I also love rock n roll, dancing, feminism, eating cake – and I can’t wait to meet everyone!

Jean-Philippe (JP) - Academic Representative

Jean-Philippe is the Academic Representative and a Lecturer in Human Physiology. He is an active member of the Department for Health ED&I committee and part of the Race Equality Advisory Group.

His aim is to drive and implement changes, however small, at postgraduate and staff levels. Issues/challenges related to gender equality, the improvement of diversity at Bath and the LGBTQ+ community are close to his heart.

Jet - Campaigns Officer

Hi all, I am based in Student Services and have been working at the University since August 2017. As the Campaigns Manager I am excited to get involved in activities and events across the Kaleidoscope group and would like to see more LGBTQ+ and allies events/campaigns across the university and meet some great people along the way.

I am a keen runner, love live music and fond of a pint.

Kat - Gender Identities Rep


Judith - Staff Events Officer

Hi, I’m Judith and I work as a Senior Technician in Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE). I am bi and have other family connections with the LGBT+ community. I feel it is very important for people to be able to be themselves, without prejudice or special treatment regardless of gender identity or sexuality.

In my spare time I like to relax and watch films or read. I am also studying for an NVQ which takes up some time.

Ben - Communications Officer

Hi all, I am based in the VC's Office and have been working at the University since June 2017. I did an MSc here back in 09/10 so have seen the uni from both a student and staff perspective. I'm excited to get involved with events and projects via the Kaleidoscope group - and meet some great people from across the university! If you'd like to contribute to our blog or have any ideas do get in touch.

In my spare time I love playing & watching tennis, baking, films, the odd podcast, reading (when I find time)... and a glass of wine. See you soon.

Jessica -Diversity and Inclusivity Officer


Alison - Staff Events Officer (currently on mat leave)

Hi everyone, I’m Alison, 31, Internal Communications Officer and I consider myself pansexual. I joined the University in December 2019 and am keen to get involved in Kaleidoscope to help foster a supportive, fun community through inclusive virtual and face to face events.

I’m a passionate cook, open-minded vegan, festival goer, book lover, podcast enthusiast, Scrabble champion and Aperol Spritz obsessive.