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Welcome to the third monthly update aimed at keeping you up to speed on the new Polden Student Accommodation project.

Our Project Manager Steve Phillips is on site throughout the working day, and should be the first point of contact for any issues. We are working closely with the university Estate and Accommodation staff and attend the monthly university contractors meeting with a view to keeping staff and students informed of our works and to give notice of any potential disruption.

The builders have used the first week of the university Easter break to install their site office and welfare set up within the West Car Park. Power, plumbing and IT are currently being installed to the office to allow our full site team to be based on the project within the next two weeks.

With regard to our site works, they are still in the process of excavating the ground to install foundations and drainage up to 4m in depth from existing ground levels. Unfortunately the removal of rock is still ongoing. The noise and vibration is intermittent throughout the working day and will take us into mid-June.

Foundations are being dug and filled with reinforced cages prior to pouring with concrete to the Eastern side of the site.  This involves several lorry loads of concrete to be delivered to the site on a daily basis.  Wall reinforcement can now be seen coming out of the ground which will form the reinforced walls and columns in the coming weeks. Road conditions are constantly being monitored, and a road sweeper is being utilised as and when required.

Drainage and gas pipes are currently being drilled beneath the West Car Park which will provide connections for the Polden development. We are using Horizontal Directional Drilling below ground to reduce the disruption to the users of the car park. A hole is required at the end of the drain and gas route within the car park to 10West to connect onto but we will continue to liaise with security to minimise the disruption to the car park users.

Live electric cables are in the process of being exposed to allow them to be moved into the road adjacent 7W and 9W in the next week.

Within the next month, we will be erecting a tower crane which will then assist with the construction of the concrete frame which is due to start early May 2017.

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding whilst the construction phase is ongoing.

Current site

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