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  • Research update: Biodiesel production in fixed bed catalytic reactors

    Biodiesel has the potential to be an environmentally sustainable alternative fuel source for diesel engines.  It is made by the transesterification of triglycerides, which are the main components in fats and oils.  Transesterification is a chemical reaction which, in the...

  • Cheltenham Science Festival 2011

    The greatly anticipated 10th Cheltenham Science Festival took place this week, with some great names in science drawing crowds from all over the country. Not to miss such a great opportunity, the CSCT team were there as part of the...

  • Cheltenham Science Festival 2011: science recipes

    Here are the recipes for our demonstrations at the Cheltenham Science Festival this coming weekend. These can be tried at home, but make sure you're always supervised by an adult… and remember, making bouncy balls can get messy! Recipe for...

  • Whorrod Prize in Sustainable Chemical Technologies announced

    The Whorrod Prize in Sustainable Chemical Technologies for the student achieving the best credit rated average in the first year (MRes) of the Integrated PhD in Sustainable Chemical Technologies was awarded to Tom Forder in the academic year 2009/10. While...

  • Bath Taps Into Science

    Bath’s annual science fair ‘Bath Taps Into Science’ was held this weekend on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 March. A concerted effort between all areas of engineering, maths and the sciences sought to engage the next generation of teachers, researchers and possible world leaders.

    The 2010 cohort of the Doctoral Training Centre were in the thick of it: under their ‘Fuel for Thought’ banner they showcased some of the Centre’s very own solar cells, renewable plastics and some almost explosive biocatalytic reactions.