Join the Guardian's Rachel Hall for launch of CLT talk series

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Monday 9 October, 3.30pm | BOOK YOUR PLACE

It’s a tough transition: why universities must plan for generation alpha

The Centre for Learning & Teaching is excited to welcome Rachel Hall, Editor of the Guardian Higher Education Network, on Monday 9 October 2017.

She will launch the Centre’s new talk series, analysing and debating current issues in higher education learning and teaching.

In a panel-style discussion, Rachel will join Neill Campbell and Andrew Pitchford to talk about how universities can prepare for students who have grown up with technology, the internet and social media – generation alpha.

At a time when universities are being asked to rethink how they engage with their students, discussions about the effect of generational differences and how we should prepare for them are more pertinent than ever.

Join us at 3.30pm on Monday 9 October at the Edge.

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