New lecture capture booking tool for ReView (Panopto)

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The Centre for Learning & Teaching, in conjunction with Computing Services and the Audio Visual Team, has released the first version of new lecture capture booking tool for ReView (Panopto) – available at The initial version of the new system can be used instead of the existing system this semester, before the new system fully replaces the existing system later this year.

This new system, which links to staff timetables and the student record system (SAMIS), will enable Unit Convenors to schedule recordings for SAMIS-coded units using a user-friendly interface.  This is limited to unit convenors only, as part of their role is to coordinate all teaching activities in a unit, and because there is no definitive list of which member of staff teaches which individual session.  The unit convenor is set on SAMIS by your Departmental/Faculty/School administrative staff, so please contact these teams if the unit convenor information is incorrect or not up to date.

There may be some issues with some units not having the correct Convenors set in SAMIS, and these can still scheduled, but you will need to let the AV Unit know via the TopDesk form - (Lecture Capture Request Form). If you are not a unit convenor, you can send a request (on Topdesk), which we can schedule for you. However, please try asking the unit convenor first as it is the convenor’s role to take responsibility for all teaching on the unit.  Please note that as in previous years, any requests via the TopDesk form should only be for sessions you are teaching and you must include:

If you have more than one module, please list these down the page in the ticket.

a.       Module code:
b.       Start time:
c.       Stop time:
d.       The day of the week (in case it’s being taught more than once):
e.       Any weeks you DO NOT want to record:

a.       Module code:
b.       Start time:
c.       Stop time:
d.       The day of the week (in case it’s being taught more than once):
e.       Any weeks you DO NOT want to record:

Please note the recording system is now linked to the Timetabling system – So any changes to the location or units to be taught MUST be updated with Timetabling, and you must have confirmation from them no later than 2 hours in advance of the session.  This will then automatically update student timetables and the recording system. If you do not have confirmation from timetabling within 2 hours of the start time – then call the AV helpdesk.

The new tool will replace the previous system for scheduled lectures, and requests for ad hoc or single-event recordings (not scheduled teaching) will still be submitted via the TopDesk form as before.

A range of support materials have been produced to support the introduction of the new system, which is designed to be used by Unit Convenors for SAMIS-coded modules. A slight change to the Moodle Panopto Block has been made also, to reflect the new system changes. Visit the Learning & Teaching Hub to find out more.


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