Student as Producer: Menarche, Menstruation, Menopause and Mental Health (4M) Conference 2024

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Thanks to the support from the 'Student as Producers Grant' by the Centre for Learning and Teaching at the University of Bath, I had the pleasure of attending the Menarche, Menstruation, Menopause and Mental Health (4M) Conference in Exeter. I was awarded the opportunity to present my poster, "A Choice of Own's Own: A Cross-Country Investigation of the Association Between Women's Decision-Making Autonomy and their Menstrual Hygiene in Eight Low- and Middle-Income Countries", during the second day of the conference. It was great to be able to share the project's important findings with a diverse group of people who all share a common interest in the 4Ms. This opportunity allowed me to have interesting conversations about how these findings could and should be transformed into further research and policymaking. The feedback, questions and discussions were truly insightful, and I look forward to staying in touch and collaborating with many of the attendees.


It was also incredibly valuable to learn more about other research conducted in the 4M fields of study through oral presentations, keynote speakers, panel discussions and other poster presentations. In particular, the theme of this year's conference was "Menstrual and Mental Health in Society". I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the interconnectedness of menstrual and mental health, as well as why and how these often-overlooked issues are critical for women and menstruators' overall health, well-being, and participation in society. I felt truly inspired to see the dedication of the attendees and the transformative work that is being done in a field that has traditionally been plagued by taboo and stigma. This has reignited my passion for research within the 4Ms which I hope could contribute to breaking down the taboos and improving menstruators' lives.


Importantly, the conference brought together both academic and non-academic stakeholders, creating a welcoming environment for interdisciplinary discussions. These discussions revealed the need to bridge the gap between researchers and non-academic organisations working within the 4M fields. The 4M Conference serves as a critical first step to bridge this gap. Still, more interdisciplinary events and collaborations between advocates, researchers, and society are crucial to advance and improve menstrual and mental health for all.

I would like to thank the Centre for Learning and Teaching for providing a grant for me to attend the 4M conference, I really appreciate this amazing opportunity. I would also like to say a special thank you to my supervisor, Dr Melanie Channon, who has supported me throughout this project. Additionally, it was a pleasure to attend Dr Channon's oral presentation at the 4M Conference about "Menstrual Restrictions and Mental Health in Nepal". I look forward to continuing our work together and learning more from her.

By Shani Zmigrod, 4th year BSc (Hons) International Development with Economics

Posted in: Funding, learning and teaching

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