The Bath Centre for Pain Research (BCPR) is an international and interdisciplinary centre aimed at discovery, innovation, and technology development for the control of pain, and the amelioration of pain-related suffering, led by Professor Chris Eccleston and his team.

The BCPR principal investigators are at the forefront of their fields and are pioneering developments in a number of important research areas, such as:

  • The causes of persistent pain and disability
  • The impact of pain on children and families
  • Optimizing methods of assessment and treatment
  • Evidence based pain management
  • Novel methods of analgesia and analgesic behaviour
  • Pain on locomotion, and sensory integration

In the last five years, the BCPR has created novel treatments for children with persistent pain, and has been a key part of a global campaign of awareness raising about childhood pain and suffering. Understanding childhood pain and suffering remains a major focus of the centre's research.

A recent growth area is also in the use of technology to assist in living with chronic pain. Assistive Technology (AT) is a major new area of development for the BCPR: making use of technological advancements to find ways of bringing treatments to people with pain is a core challenge of the centre.

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