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Polden: Section of Quarry Rd to close from Mon 6 Mar

📥  Polden

To facilitate the construction of the Polden accommodation building, changes are required to the roads on the west of the Claverton campus for the duration of the project.

Completion is scheduled for summer 2018; we apologise for any inconvenience.

Latest update:

From Monday 6 March, a section of Quarry Road will be closed for an extended period of time.

A new entrance to the West car park, which is currently under construction, will be in use.

If you want to access the eastern side of Campus, please use the main entrance on Convocation Avenue, off Claverton Down Road.

Although the Underdeck will be open in both directions, there are currently temporary road works taking place with traffic lights.

Please see plan below for the new routes for drivers (red) and pedestrians (green).

Delivery drivers have been advised to enter the Campus via Convocation Avenue; their route is signed.

Please take extra care in this area as there will be vehicles, pedestrians and construction traffic using the roads and car park.

Changes already in place due to the Polden works:

  • The road running alongside 7W and 9W is closed. Access to the Westwood nursery is via the Claverton Down Road entrance.
  • Polden car park has closed and the temporary Overflow West Car Park has reopened to offer the same number of car parking spaces.
  • The cycle shelter on Quarry Road has closed, with alternative spaces in shelters outside 10W and at the bottom of Wessex House steps.
  • A number of the trees that have been removed for the Polden project will be replaced during final landscaping.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


ACE & Computing Services staff move into 4 East South

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📥  4 East South

Staff have started moving into our latest addition to campus - 4 East South.

The £23m building will create research and teaching space for the Faculty of Engineering & Design as well as housing a cutting-edge computing data centre.

Teams from the Department of Computing Services moved from 2 South on Saturday, with those remaining relocating elsewhere on campus after the summer.

Members of the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering will be moving in from locations across the campus on Tuesday and Wednesday. Others will move into 6E and 4E after the ‘ACER’ refurbishment project this summer.

The new  state-of-the-art data centre will support the University’s ICT services. This complements the existing facilities and provision has been made for future expansion. This facility will allow us to manage our energy costs and reduce our environmental impact while meeting the demands of changing technology and increasing our IT resilience.


Refurbishment works in 2 East, 4 East & 6 East


📥  ACER (Backfill) Project

Major refurbishment works, known as the ‘ACER (Backfill) Project’, will be taking place in the 2 East, 4 East & 6 East buildings over the summer.

The project will create:

  • refurbished and enlarged research space in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering
  • refurbished and extended design studio space in Mechanical Engineering to support the new Integrated Design Degree
  • re-developed space in Electronic & Electrical Engineering to support undergraduate student project activity as well as new teaching laboratories

The project will enhance/maximise approximately 1,200m² of available teaching and research space. It will provide current and future students with flexible areas that allow for reconfiguration for varying educational purposes including individual and group project work and the development of new research laboratories.

The table below shows the rooms that are part of the project with key start and finish dates for building works:

Building Level Rooms affected Start date Finish date
2E 1 1.10, 1.10A, 1.14 Mon 1 Jul Fri 9 Sep
4E 3 3.26 to 3.37 Mon 1 Jul Fri 16 Sep
6E 1 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 Mon 6 Jun Fri 22 Jul
6E 3 3.1, 3.3, to 3.8, 3.15, 3.17, 3.20, 3.23 Mon 6 Jun Fri 22 Jul
6E 1 1.8 Mon 25 Jul Fri 2 Sep
6E 4 4.1, 4.3, 4.6, 4.9, 4.15 to 4.18, 4.22 to 4.25 Mon 1 Aug Fri 16 Sep
6E 1 1.9, 1.12, 1.13 Mon 1 Aug Fri 7 Oct

There are currently asbestos removal works taking place in some of the areas and access is prohibited.

There is likely to be some disruption in and around the above areas but the contractors will try to minimise disturbance as much as possible.

Access to the corridor between the 4 East work areas (except in an emergency) and access to Lecture Theatre 4E 3.38 is prohibited during the works.

As building works progress, access routes to other areas and offices is likely to change and may need to be restricted. This is to ensure that the building works are carried out in a safe manner.

The contractors will provide appropriate signage and barriers as required and Estates will be issuing regular updates.

Thank you for your co-operation; we apologise for any inconvenience.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the Department of Estates Helpdesk:


Building for our future

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📥  10 West, 4 East South

Message from Diane Aderyn, Director of Finance & Commercial Services, as staff move into 10 West:

Dear colleagues

I wanted to give you an update on developments on and off campus in case you were unable to attend Let’s Talk.

Improving our infrastructure is central to our new strategy. We are creating modern, purpose built spaces from which we can increase the volume of our research, grow graduate student numbers, enhance the experience we offer undergraduate students and strengthen our global profile.

Claverton Campus

We have taken possession of 10 West and will start using the building this week.

This will provide state of the art facilities for the Department of Psychology and Institute for Policy Research (IPR) as well as offering study space for postgraduate students on its upper floors.

To the East, we will be moving into 4 East South in July. The main structure will house the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering with a separate space providing the base for the University’s main computing data centre.

Between them, both buildings increase the space we have available on campus for research, learning and teaching by nearly 10 per cent.

To the South, the project to construct the Milner Centre building is progressing well. Planning consent was secured last month and we are close to appointing contractors, with work on site to start in August.

After Computer Services move into 4 East South, 2 South will be used to accommodate staff as other buildings are refurbished. The area will then be redeveloped to create a range of new science laboratories.

There are also plans for the North of campus that are being worked on as we speak.

City of Bath

In the City, we have received planning consent to transform 18 Manvers Street into a learning zone with office space for student-facing services. We are about to appoint contractors for the extensive redesign to create approximately 1,000m2 of study space and facilities. Together with the 10 West postgraduate facility, this adds 20 per cent more learning space to that offered by the University Library.

We have also put in place measures to accommodate more of our students. We have secured 354 spaces through agreements with five locations in the City and created three new posts to work with private sector landlords and further improve our accommodation enquiries and reception services.


You may also have seen the news that we have established a new presence in central London.

83 Pall Mall will provide a base for seminars and programmes from our School of Management, Institute for Policy Research and other departments. Its location will enable us to develop even closer links with national and international policymakers, partners and collaborators.

The recording of my talk is on the Let’s Talk webpages if you would like to see my presentation.

The building work you see happening around you is the physical evidence of the work that is going into developing our new strategy.

As the facilities come on stream, they will provide us with the platform to establish the University as an international leader in graduate education.


4 East South: Project update

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📥  4 East South

Progress to date

August has been a productive month:

  • The reinforced concrete frame is complete up to Level 5 on the west wing and Level 4 on the east.
  • The first double height studio floor is now completed, the next one will be finished in the first week of September.
  • In the next month, work will start on the façade of the building together with completion of the west wing roof.
  • Internal works are continuing on the data centre, internal partitions have started and the fit out of the mechanical and electrical installation first fix is on programme.
  • The energy centre and the footpath are scheduled to reopen in time for the start of term.
  • Painters have just finished the soffits on Level 3; mechanical and electrical subcontractors are currently working on this level.
Level 5 West core slab being poured

Level 5 West core slab being poured

Health & Safety

Zero accidents on site; the team has received 100% score in the safety audit.

Level 3 soffits have been painted

Level 3 soffits have been painted

Did you know...?

We have been audited during August for Ecosite, which is a Bouygues Construction site environmental initiative. This approach seeks to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations during the construction phase. The internal label rewards sites that have implemented site environmental standards, common to all Group entities.

If the 4ES project achieves the standard, it will be the first site in the western region to do so.

We'll know the result of the audit in September.

More information about Ecosite.



10 West: Project update

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📥  10 West

Progress to date

We are pleased to report the project is still on schedule

  • The concrete frame is now completed together with the atrium stairs which has allowed the crane to be removed from site.
  • As can be seen from the site, the majority of the windows are in and the larger glazing panels should be completed over the next couple of months.  A number of openings have been left to assist in material deliveries.
Most windows have been fitted

Most windows have been fitted

  • The roofing works are now well advanced and due for completion during October.  A separate temporary crane will be used to get the final materials to the roof. The aim is for the roof to be water tight in late October.
  • Internal partitioning works and M&E installations are progressing up to Level 4.
  • Raised access floors and plastering is well underway on all floors.

We are continuing to hold meetings with the end users of the building; members of the Department of Psychology have visited the site and they were very impressed with the progress.

10 West on schedule for completion

10 West on schedule for completion

Health & Safety

There have been no accidents and regular reviews continue to ensure a safe environment for those working on site and  pedestrians passing by.


Noise will continue at the same level as in previous months.

Did you know…?

We have over 5 miles of various types of pipework within the building, with 40 engineers working on it.


4 East South: Project update - July 2015

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📥  4 East South

Progress to date

Main build

  • The concrete structure for level 1-2 has been completed with level 3 due to start in July.
  • Works have started on the internal fit out, with some corridors and plant rooms ready for the first fix electrical installation, due to take place in the next month.
  • Next week construction of the new data centre, which will be the hub for the campus, begins. This will take approximately 26 weeks to complete and it will be ready for testing early next year.
4 East South under construction

4ES - The concrete structure for level 1-2 has been completed with level 3 due to start soon

Energy Centre

  • The Energy Centre is complete and fully energised.
  • This building will be handed over to the University during July together with part of the access road.

Health & Safety

  • Zero accidents on site; the team has received 100% score in the safety audit.
  • Ongoing reviews are underway to optimise safe construction methods and improve risk management, including safety measures regarding working in high temperatures.


  • 99.9% of site waste to date continues to be diverted from landfill.

Did you know...?

In July 2015, we have students from local schools visiting the site to gain an understanding of construction processes.

General queries can be addressed to

Please also see and


10 West: Project update - July 2015

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📥  10 West

Progress to date

The project is on schedule and continues to benefit from the good weather conditions:

  • Construction of level 4 has been completed; work on level 5 is now underway and good progress is being made.
  • Internal partitions have commenced up to level 2 and first fix electrics have started on the ground floor.
  • Construction of the building’s façade is in progress and will continue for the next few months.
  • The western element steel frame and floors are completed and staircases will be completed in the next month.
  • The atrium steel will be installed in the next month encompassing a 18m steel member lift which will form the support to the atrium glazing. This work will be carried out first thing in the morning to prevent disruption.

The Office of Policy and Planning continues to consult with the final users of the building, the Department of Psychology, to refine detailed requirements and furniture procurement.

10 West build

The new 10 West building is on schedule

Health and Safety

Extra measures and precautions remain in place relating to construction vehicles and movements are monitored to ensure safety standards are maintained. These include measures such as banksmen who are helping vehicles to safely leave the site.

A secondary access to the site has been formed to assist in deliveries and safe movement of vehicles.

There have been no injuries or accidents and the team are achieving exemplary levels of safety.


The noise levels will continue at the same level as they have been in the previous month.

Did you know…?

There are daily logistics meetings about the cranes to make sure every slot is filled to maximise their effective use.

General queries can be addressed to

Please also see and


Temporary closure of footpath from West car park to Medical Centre


📥  10 West

As part of the 10W project, new gas and data services need to be run from car park D (South of 2 South building) to the new 10W building.

The route involves excavating and laying new services along the footpath that connects the West car park to the Medical Centre, along the South edge of the lacrosse pitch and through car park D.

The works are expected to last for 8 to 9 weeks, starting on Monday 22 June from 10W progressing towards car park D.

  • The footpath that connects the West car park to the Medical Centre (highlighted in green on the map) will be closed for a 3 to 4 week period from this date.
  • The public footpath (highlighted in blue on the map) will remain open for the duration of the works.
  • An alternative route is available by joining the public footpath nearer to Quarry Road at the far end of the West car park (highlighted in magenta on the map).

Further footpath and parking closures may be required as the works progress. We will keep you informed on these pages.