Athena Swan Anniversary stories: a round up

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Aiste Senulyte Zubiniene, an ED&I Officer at the University of Bath, Athena Swan Reviewer, and Dr Sarah Bailey, a Senior Lecturer in Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology at the University of Bath, Faculty of Science Athena Swan Champion, launched the Athena Swan Anniversary series project in 2019 to mark a 10-year anniversary since the University achieved its first Bronze award. Over the course of the year, we released ten stories (over 10 months) showcasing how Athena Swan has made an impact on our community, detailing the progress we've made on our gender equality journey and challenges we plan to tackle in the future. All stories have been launched on staff homepage, re-tweeted and shared on social media and featured in Athena Swan, ED&I and other newsletters as well as relevant Committee updates.

10 stories:

  1. Growing number of female professors at Bath
  2. University records the highest number of Departmental awards conferred in a single assessment round
  3. Exploring what Athena Swan means for students
  4. Professional, Technical and Operational (PTO) staff and how we support an inclusive workplace culture for all
  5. Considering intersectionality - what it means for us
  6. Developing the University's women leaders
  7. Addressing inclusivity challenges: tackling hate crime, online harassment and religious based hate crime
  8. Exploring findings from the most recent equal pay audit and pay gap at the professorial levels with a Chair of University's newly launched Gender Pay Gap Working Group
  9. International Men's day: exploring mental health, fatherhood and images of 'masculinity'
  10. Gender equality at Bath - next steps for the University


Since the launch of AS Anniversary stories in 2019, we set up many other projects, campaigns and initiatives (for example, our IWD project on celebrating early career researchers at Bath) that you will find on AS blog, ED&I website and ED&I blog.

Posted in: Diversity & Inclusion, ED&I, University Athena SWAN


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