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Keeping you updated on our current campus building projects

18 Manvers Street project update


📥  Manvers Street

Work has now started on transforming the former police station into a new student learning zone and provide a city centre location for student-facing services.

The contractor Dribuild has erected hoardings around the building and work on the front forecourt is progressing well. The asphalt surfacing has been removed in preparation for a new damp proofing system.

Work to strip out Level 2 is going well. Many of the internal walls on this level need to be taken out to create the new open plan facility and the waste materials are being removed and disposed of. These works will unfortunately be noisy, but once completed noise levels should drop significantly.

Construction and alteration works to Level 1 have also started and the new lift shaft is going well, with foundation works now completed.

Dribuild would like to thank all occupants for their patience and understanding during this initial phase of the project. Please feel free to contact Dribuild Site Manager, Tom Young on 07843 980398 should you have any concerns.

Parking for three vehicles has been maintained at the north end of the front forecourt for Level 4 occupants, while cycle parking is also now provided in the rear car park.

The contractor’s site has been set up in the rear car park. Access to the site office is via the rear car park entrance where the pedestrian routes are identified by orange barriers.

For background on the project see the 18 Manvers Street web page.


ACE & Computing Services staff move into 4 East South

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📥  4 East South

Staff have started moving into our latest addition to campus - 4 East South.

The £23m building will create research and teaching space for the Faculty of Engineering & Design as well as housing a cutting-edge computing data centre.

Teams from the Department of Computing Services moved from 2 South on Saturday, with those remaining relocating elsewhere on campus after the summer.

Members of the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering will be moving in from locations across the campus on Tuesday and Wednesday. Others will move into 6E and 4E after the ‘ACER’ refurbishment project this summer.

The new  state-of-the-art data centre will support the University’s ICT services. This complements the existing facilities and provision has been made for future expansion. This facility will allow us to manage our energy costs and reduce our environmental impact while meeting the demands of changing technology and increasing our IT resilience.


Refurbishment works in 2 East, 4 East & 6 East


📥  ACER (Backfill) Project

Major refurbishment works, known as the ‘ACER (Backfill) Project’, will be taking place in the 2 East, 4 East & 6 East buildings over the summer.

The project will create:

  • refurbished and enlarged research space in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering
  • refurbished and extended design studio space in Mechanical Engineering to support the new Integrated Design Degree
  • re-developed space in Electronic & Electrical Engineering to support undergraduate student project activity as well as new teaching laboratories

The project will enhance/maximise approximately 1,200m² of available teaching and research space. It will provide current and future students with flexible areas that allow for reconfiguration for varying educational purposes including individual and group project work and the development of new research laboratories.

The table below shows the rooms that are part of the project with key start and finish dates for building works:

Building Level Rooms affected Start date Finish date
2E 1 1.10, 1.10A, 1.14 Mon 1 Jul Fri 9 Sep
4E 3 3.26 to 3.37 Mon 1 Jul Fri 16 Sep
6E 1 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 Mon 6 Jun Fri 22 Jul
6E 3 3.1, 3.3, to 3.8, 3.15, 3.17, 3.20, 3.23 Mon 6 Jun Fri 22 Jul
6E 1 1.8 Mon 25 Jul Fri 2 Sep
6E 4 4.1, 4.3, 4.6, 4.9, 4.15 to 4.18, 4.22 to 4.25 Mon 1 Aug Fri 16 Sep
6E 1 1.9, 1.12, 1.13 Mon 1 Aug Fri 7 Oct

There are currently asbestos removal works taking place in some of the areas and access is prohibited.

There is likely to be some disruption in and around the above areas but the contractors will try to minimise disturbance as much as possible.

Access to the corridor between the 4 East work areas (except in an emergency) and access to Lecture Theatre 4E 3.38 is prohibited during the works.

As building works progress, access routes to other areas and offices is likely to change and may need to be restricted. This is to ensure that the building works are carried out in a safe manner.

The contractors will provide appropriate signage and barriers as required and Estates will be issuing regular updates.

Thank you for your co-operation; we apologise for any inconvenience.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the Department of Estates Helpdesk:


10W construction time lapse videos


📥  10 West

The construction of 10W has been completed, providing a fantastic modern space to house the Psychology labs, IPR offices and the brand new postgraduate learning zone.

Below are two time-lapse videos showing the construction from start to finish.


Building for our future

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📥  10 West, 4 East South

Message from Diane Aderyn, Director of Finance & Commercial Services, as staff move into 10 West:

Dear colleagues

I wanted to give you an update on developments on and off campus in case you were unable to attend Let’s Talk.

Improving our infrastructure is central to our new strategy. We are creating modern, purpose built spaces from which we can increase the volume of our research, grow graduate student numbers, enhance the experience we offer undergraduate students and strengthen our global profile.

Claverton Campus

We have taken possession of 10 West and will start using the building this week.

This will provide state of the art facilities for the Department of Psychology and Institute for Policy Research (IPR) as well as offering study space for postgraduate students on its upper floors.

To the East, we will be moving into 4 East South in July. The main structure will house the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering with a separate space providing the base for the University’s main computing data centre.

Between them, both buildings increase the space we have available on campus for research, learning and teaching by nearly 10 per cent.

To the South, the project to construct the Milner Centre building is progressing well. Planning consent was secured last month and we are close to appointing contractors, with work on site to start in August.

After Computer Services move into 4 East South, 2 South will be used to accommodate staff as other buildings are refurbished. The area will then be redeveloped to create a range of new science laboratories.

There are also plans for the North of campus that are being worked on as we speak.

City of Bath

In the City, we have received planning consent to transform 18 Manvers Street into a learning zone with office space for student-facing services. We are about to appoint contractors for the extensive redesign to create approximately 1,000m2 of study space and facilities. Together with the 10 West postgraduate facility, this adds 20 per cent more learning space to that offered by the University Library.

We have also put in place measures to accommodate more of our students. We have secured 354 spaces through agreements with five locations in the City and created three new posts to work with private sector landlords and further improve our accommodation enquiries and reception services.


You may also have seen the news that we have established a new presence in central London.

83 Pall Mall will provide a base for seminars and programmes from our School of Management, Institute for Policy Research and other departments. Its location will enable us to develop even closer links with national and international policymakers, partners and collaborators.

The recording of my talk is on the Let’s Talk webpages if you would like to see my presentation.

The building work you see happening around you is the physical evidence of the work that is going into developing our new strategy.

As the facilities come on stream, they will provide us with the platform to establish the University as an international leader in graduate education.


10 West: Project Update

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📥  10 West

The project is making good progress and remains on schedule despite recent stormy weather conditions.

  • The North Atrium curtain wall (a weather proof outer layer of the building) has been glazed and works are progressing internally. The scaffolding will be removed from the atrium by the end of the month.
  • Services have been connected, allowing commissioning of water and electricity to start.
  • The installation of vinyl and whiterock in all toilet/shower facilities is nearing completion. Sanitary equipment is also being fitted.
  • Final decorations have begun on all levels and carpet laying has commenced on Level 3.
  • Hard landscaping is progressing well around the building.
  • New smaller site accommodation is in place and the main site offices will be removed in March.

Health and Safety

There have been no injuries or accidents on site, reviews continue to ensure a safe environment for the site team and pedestrians.


4 East South: Project Update

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📥  4 East South

The project has made good progress despite recent stormy weather conditions.

  • Large segments of the West core are nearing completion which means work can now move on to the East core.
  • Concrete works in the West core are complete.
  • The installation of electrical trunking in the West core has been completed, providing power to audio visual equipment and plug sockets.
  • Internal doors and glass partitioning have been installed.
  • Suspended ceiling systems in the West core have been installed on Levels 2-5, and preparation has begun on Level 5.
  • Worktops and cabinets are currently being installed in kitchen areas.
  • The installation of Reglit feature glass has begun on the North elevation. This needs dry weather as each element must be prepared to allow the glass to perform to its maximum efficiency. The site team have a covered preparation zone so in a dry spell the glass can be installed quicky.
  • The final section of screeding on Level 6 is underway. Once complete the underfloor heating will be installed.

Health & Safety

One minor accident occurred in February, a small flesh wound on a finger caused by a scaffold pole.


10 West: Project Update

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📥  10 West

10 w feb

The project remains on schedule despite the winter weather conditions:

  • Work on the building’s façade is progressing well and the installation of the final composite tiles is nearly finished.
  • Internal works continue to make good progress with the installation of glazed decorative screens.
  • Floor finishings to wet areas are nearly finished.
  • Final fix carpentry is nearly finished.
  • Final finishings to the main entrance and Atrium staircase have begun.
  • Installation of glass balustrades in the Atrium has been completed.
  • Access scaffolding in the atrium is being removed to allow the final works on the floor to begin.
  • Structural work on the main entrance and podium walkway has been completed.
  • Installation of the steel framed walkway to the Podium will begin in early February.
  • Landscaping work has begun and the connection to the 8 West ramp is nearly finished.
  • The site team’s office will be removed in March so that major landscaping works can begin, and a smaller temporary office will be installed.


Health and Safety

There have been no injuries or accidents on site, reviews continue to ensure a safe environment for the site team and pedestrians.


The noise levels will continue to be the same as previous months.

Did you know…

Since the start of the construction project the site team has used over 207,200 tea bags, 22.5kg of coffee and 171kg of sugar.


4 East South: Project Update

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📥  4 East South

January has seen the project move forward considerably:

  • Large areas of the building are now boarded and plastered.
  • Raised access flooring has been laid up to level 5 in the West section.
  • The East exhibition space has been fully boarded, plastered and first coated.
  • Underfloor heating systems have been installed.
  • External feature windows on the North elevation have been installed.
  • Windows across the full South Elevation have been installed.
  • Dry lining can now continue without the fear of water damage.
  • Installation of cladding panels has started.
  • The Energy Centre external path has been completed. The pathway has been constructed at a 1 in 20 gradient with resting stations for wheelchair access.

Health & Safety

There have been no injuries or accidents on site.

Did you know...?

Bouygues currently employ two Masters of Civil and Structural Engineering on the 4ES project, showing the opportunities for students to progress into industry.



4 East South: Project Update

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📥  4 East South

The project has made good progress during December despite a halt in construction over the Christmas period and the recent bad weather conditions:

  • Screeding (levelled concrete flooring) has been completed on level 4.
  • The underfloor heating system has been installed.
  • Installation of paving slabs on the West core roof has been completed.
  • Over 90% of the building’s windows have been installed.
  • East core has been fully insulated.
  • Installation of radiators has begun on Levels 2 and 3 in the West core.
South elevation

South elevation


Internal progress

Health & Safety

There have been no injuries or accidents on site.

The site has achieved a 98% score in the recent health and safety compliance audit. The team has never scored lower than 97%.

Did you know...?

To date over 170 tons of reinforced steel has been used in the structure, the equivalent weight of a fully grown Blue Whale.