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  • University skills through the foreign language

    This 2013-14 project supported a one-day languages event for local sixth form students. The students and teachers attended a lecture in the morning facilitated by an educational consultant. They learned about independent study, motivation, presentation skills and learning in a multi-cultural context. Afterwards students had a campus tour facilitated by Student Ambassadors in the target languages of the day (French, German and Spanish). This was followed by afternoon sessions in which they worked in groups on different topics that then they had to present in the foreign language. The afternoon sessions were facilitated by language staff (Emilie Poletto, Astrid Forsyth and José Carlos Cirera).

  • Crowdfunding: a platform and a teaching tool

    This 2013-14 project aimed to enable experiential learning for entrepreneurial students across the University of Bath, and develop competence in a fast-growing means of financing new ventures – crowdsourcing. We created a crowdfunding platform where students were be able to upload their own business ideas, then evaluate and “vote” on which ideas get funded. Our aim was to help nurture the entrepreneurial talents of students, by further developing skills in communicating business ideas, evaluating prospects and pitching their ideas through images and videos. The platform (StudentStarter) was used within the Entrepreneurship and Innovation MSc unit, the Zurich Community Challenge and the Operations Management unit in the School of Management.

  • Clickers for exam practice

    Dr Robert Branston, from the School of Management at the University of Bath, discusses how he uses clickers during an exam practice session with students, expanding on their answers to include feedback, further advice, and evaluating specific course issues.

  • Using Unit Outlines

    Dr Robert Branston of the School of Management at the University of Bath discusses the importance of Unit Outlines at the beginning of your Unit.

  • Flipping Computer Programming

    Flipping Project Case Study: Dr Paul Shepherd presents a case study of the pilot Flipping Project in ACE for a computer programming course.

  • Flipping an International Cohort

    Flipping Project Case Study: Johanne Grosvold presents a case study of the pilot Flipping Project in Management, focussed on seminars with an international cohort of students.

  • Flipping Modern Manufacturing & Design

    Flipping Project Case Study: Aydin Nassehi presents a case study of the pilot Flipping Project in Mechanical Engineering for the Modern Manufacturing and Design course.

  • Flipping Matlab programming

    Flipping Project Case Study: Philip Shields presents a case study of the pilot Flipping project in Electrical and Electronic Engineering for the Matlab programming unit.

  • Flipping Seminars in sport, health & the social sciences

    Flipping Project Case Study: a case study of the pilot Flipping Project in Health for the Advanced Seminar in Sport, Health, and Social Sciences.

  • Flipping Exercise Science

    Flipping Project Case Study: Tim Lawrenson presents a case study of the pilot Flipping Project in Health on the Strength and Conditioning course.