About us

Omnibus is your staff society and is run by a volunteer committee and others in the best interests of staff. We are dedicated to bringing all university staff together through social events and other activities which are advertised through our membership mailing list, the Claverton Rooms foyer noticeboard and this blog.  We aim to improve staff facilities and provide a forum for all staff at the University.

If you would like to be a member and receive invitations to events, please complete the current year's membership form: electronic Omnibus membership form
Alternative printable form: Omnibus membership form - free

Membership is FREE, we are continuing to waive the annual membership fee of £2, due 1 November, indefinitely 🙂

You can get involved - set up your own sports, cultural and other groups under the Omnibus umbrella.  We are willing to consider any proposals for groups which will be advertised through this blog, funding is available to help start a group or to pay advance fees which will be recouped from participants.

Email: Omnibus@bath.ac.uk