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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Postcard from Sweden

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I've spent the last few days working with the GRESD network in Uppsala.  This is a splendid group of Swedish PhD candidates and supervisors interested in ESD issues, one way or another.  Between them, the research comprises a rich mixture of topics, approaches and preferences that it is a pleasure to be associated with (as a member of the small 'international scientific committee').  This meeting (the second) was rather usefully augmented by contributions from PhD candidates from South Africa, the UK and Denmark.  I'm envious as this network as we have nothing like it in the UK.  Perhaps it ought to be developed.


Goodbye to all the rainbows

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Farewell, then, DCSF; no more possibilities for jokes about soft furnishings and curtains; no more a colourful website; whatever the coalition turns out to be, it won't be a rainbow one it seems.  I'm told that the colour was drained from Sanctuary Buildings at double-quick time.  I think I shall miss it.

The Dissolution of the Quangos

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The new government's promise to release the creative talents of those locked into quangos has started with QCDA.  The Secretary of State's letter confirming this is here.  There are two reasons, it seems to me, to applaud this: [i] it frees up schools to be creative in their own right and rediscover the energies and skills to think about curriculum for the benefit of their students; and [ii], as the admirable Henry Hobhouse argues, just as the dissolution of the monasteries, 500 years ago, released energy and talent into the productive economy, so will the demise of the educational quangos.  Now for the TDA ...?