Bill Scott

I'm Bill Scott, an emeritus professor of education at the University of Bath.  Until 2010, I was director of the Centre for Research in Education and the Environment [CREE] which was established in 1995 and became the largest and most active anglophone group of academics interested in the links between education and learning and sustainability.   Academics find it hard to retire completely, and I am no exception, and I'm still involved in a range of activities, most particularly as Chair of the UK's National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE).  I've continued to write and a recent book (co-authored with Paul Vare for Routledge) is: Learning, Environment and Sustainable Development: a history of ideas.  This blog is my personal commentary of all things to do with learning and sustainability – both viewed very broadly.  Inevitably, the blog betrays my shifting likes and dislikes, and my somewhat less labile prejudices and values.   Comment is free, always welcome and never disparaged.