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  • Busy life!

    Two weeks in and I can say with certainty that life at the University of Bath has started with a bang. I thought I had a packed schedule back home but I now realise that I have to brace myself...

  • Preparing for Uni as an Access student

    I’m writing this from my new bedroom at the University of Bath, awaiting the start of Freshers’ Week and Induction Week tomorrow! My route to this point was a bit different to the majority of students, as I am a...

  • Receiving my A-level results and Preparing for University

    The weeks leading up to August 14th were the most nerve-wracking of my life. It doesn’t seem to matter how much you prepare for your exams, or how well you understand the systems of clearing and adjustment, thinking about results...

  • Receiving my Matura and preparing for University

    In my home country, Austria, you take the Matura instead of the A-levels. The exams are a combination of oral and written examination and you already know, after your last oral exam, what grades you have gotten at all the...